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How can I solve this Altium simulation error?

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Antenna (^.^)

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Jul 6, 2015
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Hi everybody,
Using Altium, my schematic looks like:

When compiling my schematic I get an error which says:


I think that it has something to do with the microcontroller and connection between the spdt switch (AS214-92LF) below.
How can I solve?

The definition of the switches seems wrong to assign a control pin as a power pin
meanwhile pin4 is unassigned.

Where are your controlled impedances?

The definition of the switches seems wrong to assign a control pin as a power pin
meanwhile pin4 is unassigned.

Where are your controlled impedances?

Umm, what do you mean by "controlled impedances"?
I was under the impression it was a voltage controlled switch of which I could use a microcontroller to output the control voltage required to activate the switch on... :???:

Also I couldn't find a suitable SPST switch hence I am using SPDT switches but with the other switch input unconnected.

The error can be simply booked as overconstraining a component definition. Did you make the component yourself?

Nevertheless, the circuit won't work. V2 must be biased to VCC to allow single-throw operation of the GaAs switch. See

Nothing is said about the intended circuit operation. You may want to check if a reflective or absorbtive mux switch gives better crosstalk suppression than a single series connected ST switch.

So the error could be from the making of the sp6t component symbol and footprint?
And I should connect the V2 to the VCC (V1) even though I am not using V2?

The intended circuit operation should be that:
it is a frequency reconfigurable patch antenna, made out of five adjacent patches (just going to be pcb copper so not shown on schematic).

As the frequency increases, the number of patches turned on will concurrently increase as well (so for the first frequency the first patch will be turned on, for the second frequency the first and second patch will be turned on etc).

The frequency signal will come through a bnc and microstrip transmission line.

There are five frequency selections, and the user chooses which one with a rotary switch.
This is connected as input to the microcontroller.

Depending on the frequency option chosen by the user, the microcontroller will select (output) the appropriate LC impedance matching network path
(the sp6t switch with five LC networks), and also activate on the required switches between the patch elements (the spdt switch).
Hence the main function of microcontroller is just selecting which switches and paths to turn on.

The parts where the sp6t switch says feed means it is connected to one end of the microstrip pcb line (by the patches).
The parts where it says signal means it is connected to the other end of the microstrip line (by the bnc)

The zero ohm resistor is connected on the other side, by the ground plane (via).

Apparently the discussion is no longer referring to Altium Designer related problems. Thread closed.

Bad enough that it has been started in two parallel threads with mostly same topic. Please continue the discussion in this thread

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