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how can i reflash my DSL modem???

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Jun 30, 2010
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hi all people
recently i wanted to upgrade my DSL modem but unfortunately it crashed while updating the firmware. So, already it is malfunctioning or it's better to say that it is not working anymore. Internet and Power LEDs are always light up. and I can not access the configuration page via my Internet browser and using the reset botton doesn't do it's job. the following link is a photo of the motherboard of the modem. I guess there must be a way to reflash the modem through the 4 pins in the middle of it. but i don't know how to do it.
Model: D-Link DSL-2640U

**broken link removed**

Thanks in advance

When I updated my DSL modem's firmware, a message appeared 'do not switch off the modem during update, it may be permanently damaged'.

However if you did nothing to cause the crash, then D-Link is responsible. You might try contacting them. Start nice as you explain what happened.

Then ask if they can solve the problem they caused by telling you about any hidden reset method. It may restore the original driver.

Or ask if they can solve the problem they caused by helping you install a barebones substitute driver. This assumes you know how (because I don't).

Those 4 pins in the middle could be how to get direct connection to flash memory.

To download a driver you'll need to access the internet using your computer's telephone port and dialup method. Your internet provider may allow you a way to do this.

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