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[SOLVED] How can I re-route traces on a PCB after it has already been manufactured?

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Oct 19, 2021
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I appreciate the help you have all provided me in the past. I have run into a mistake on my PCB, which cannot be fixed in the software because we encountered this problem after it has already been manufactured and shipped and it is too expensive to simply order a redesigned board. Basically, these connections are backwards. I had connected VP to the VN pin, and VN to the VP pin.. So, I was wondering if there is any way to swap these connections, such as by soldering a cable of some sort? Are there cables specially made for this? How would you remove the incorrect connections? It is a messy situation that I would prefer to not be in, and I don't expect any elegant solution. I would greatly appreciate any help!
I attached and linked an image to the pins. The capacitor is an 0805 capacitor.
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I apologize for putting this in the wrong section. Should not be in the software/simulation section.
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Any technician worth his salt should be able to cut those two traces and add wires.

(I've been down this road more than once.)

You could also lift the two pins and add wires.

Typically you cut the incorrect trace connections with a sharp (Xacto) knife (two cuts close together and then peel off the small trace in between).
Then solder small insulated solid wire, such as 28-30 gauge wire-wrap wire to the cleaned and bare trace for the correct connections.

... and remember it is an electrical connection you are re-making, it doesn't necessarily have to mechanically bridge the cuts you make, you can wire the pins (I'm guessing an ESP module) to somewhere further away as long as it is on the correct node if it's easier.



Maybe it's easier to modify the other side of the SMD --> maybe use the vias and verowire.
We don't see the backside, nor where the signals go to...


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