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How can I make a static electricity producer ?

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Jul 4, 2015
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I have a duty about my job that is seperating aniseed from its straw. So we have a seperator that strike dry anise with some metal stick and seperate seed with air based system. But it is not enough clear for chemical analyse. There are lot of straw like as a hair. When I tried to seperate it with sifter and realise that there are lot of straw stick to plastic bag because of static electricity. So I think that maybe I can make a static electricity producer with direct current and seperate straws easily.

Is it possible that make a static electricity producer ?


Thanks. I saw many of these videos. But it will not useful for my job. It is possible to make it with electronic components with pcb ?

You do not say where you are located. You cannot make static electricity if the air is humid like it is here now. Here in the middle of winter when it is very cold the humidity is low and there is static electricity all over the place.

There are ionizers and then there are de-ionizers. In this case Standard Ion Air Knife - A sheet of ionized air is an effective way to eliminate static and clean parts or materials!

However if the metal bar is transferring charge, then it could be replaced with a compatible wood material to reduce the flow of charge. But any time material separates the difference in change of the separating material determines if charge accumulates, so perhaps the metal was to discharge this accumulation but some residual charge still exists.

If you knew the polarity required to neutralize, it may be possible to neutralize while shaking in sieve, or not.

A de-ionizer generates more alternating DC charges than the self-generating charge. It may only run a low toggle rates but the pins that arc impulse RF up to some wavelength due to length of pin as antenna. So they work but also generate RF noise impulses.

Also raising humidity as AG suggested improves conductance such as a cold water spinner humidifier.

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