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How can I know Cgs in cadence

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Hosaeng Kim

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Feb 17, 2006
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cadence cgs

I want to know Cgs at an DC operating point. How can I check this?

cadence cgs cggbo

When choosing DC analysis, first make sure you check the box that says "Save DC operating point." After running the analysis, go to the "Results" menu in the Analog Environment and put your cursor over the "Print" item. A new menu should appear on the side and from that, choose "DC operating point." Then go back to your schematic window and click on the device you want to analyze. This will print out all the DC parameters from the device you choose.


cgs cadence

Click the button op in analog enviroment and then select your component, and from pop-up choose Cgs. Then click print.

display cgs in cadence

There was "cgs" and "csg" in Results Display window. Which is is Cgs? The vaules of two parameters were different.

cgs cadence

I did DC analysis. After then, I printed out the operating points, so I got many parameters of MOS transistor such gm, vth, vgs, vds etc. However, there are similar two parameters: cgs and csg. I am not sure which is Cgs? The values of cgs and csg are different.

how to get cgs in cadence

cgs is different from csg
cgs means value of the capacitance looking from gate
by contrary, csg is value of the capacitance looking from source

DC analysis


save DC operating point.

In the results menu option click print results to print out all the DC parameters from the device you choose.

check your .out file and look up the transistor
there should be ids, vdsat, vds, cgs, etc

hehe, do DC scan and check the output files, I did so before.


after performing DC analysis , go to the result bowser and print all the values you wanna see .

No one has so far answered what to do to get a correct estimate of cgs (when you have both cgs, csg with negative sign and covlgs)

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