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how can i download a free,demo,trial version em simulator

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Jan 11, 2006
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Bangalore India
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Hello friends,
can u give me links or methods to get good EM simulator like ADS, HFSS, SONET, MW office, IE3D, etc.. for trial, demo or free.
sonnet provides its lite version but its not so useful.
and i think IE3D need constant internet connection for its trial usage.
thanks in advance.
I working as electronic design engineer i work with 89c51 and little analog ckts, and mobile interfacing, But i have keen interest in microwave as i have done project in microwave on photonic band gap.

Re: how can i download a free,demo,trial version em simulato

i know a site. just go to tat site.u can find some free em simulator.there r lot of simulator like this.
Aravinth Kumar

thank you very much aravinth but I want some top one and simulator whose results are very much reliable, I have good experience with sonnet whose results were very much maching with the practical ckts.
Re: how can i download a free,demo,trial version em simulato

Most of the free "lite" versions of the EM tools do have limitations - most notably in size of the project in terms of mesh cells. You've seen Sonnet lite, you may also have a look at EM3DS Lite (, but I am afraid you will face the same sort of limitation you faced in Sonnet.
You may also like to have a look at Serenade SV - Ansoft Circuit Engine or other of their SV (Student Version) series tools - but again, there are some tight limits on the number of unknowns you may use.
Re: how can i download a free,demo,trial version em simulato

Hi nikhilele,

You can get an evaluation copy of FEKO that is fully functional for at least 45 days. FEKO is a MoM-based EM code, hybridized with PO, UTD, FEM, and has the MLFMM built-in, good for large-scale radiation/scattering problems.

What about Parallel version of FEKO?

Does anybody have tested or used it in a practical project?

If yes,
What is its speed-up factor?

FEKO sounds good i will surely test it.
Sonnet was good especially for my patch antenna design. but in sonnet lite u cannot see far field.
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