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How can change the angle of Iincidence in CST?

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Nov 3, 2007
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I am working with CST MW studio2006. My project is about artificialy magnetic conductor (AMC). I need to check my structure for different angle of incidence,For instance 45° or 60° angle between incidence wave and structure (In CST).

I used the box scan angle /phase in CST but I didn't get any acceptable result.

Would you please help me?

Hi mirshahram,
I am working with CST too and last week I had the same problem with an AMC when I tried to simulate the phase of the reflection coefficient. I asked the CST support for a help, but they told me that in CST the incidence angle cannot be changed.
I'm sorry!
If you find a solution, will you please let me know :)?


On the plane wave excitation dialog box you can define the propogation normal. Just translate the angle of incidence to unit vectors and set it there.

I think that is what you need, doesn't it ?


Thank you for your attention. plane wave only work in homogenous material,and as I said before I must put my structure infront of plane wave and simulator send error and abortion.In another hand plane wave only work in open boudary condition and only for transiant solver, But I need periodic boundary.

In that case you are right. What exactly do you want to calculate with CST? Maybe the problem can be tackled from a different direction.


I want to put my AMC or FSS strcture for different incidence angle as follows;

1- infront of the TEM wave or plan wave
(I cant because the simulator send error "plane wave can propagate only in homogenous material.)

2-inside of waveguide for (TE and TM) mode.
(I can't because the port is onle normal to aparture of waveguide)

Ok, I see. But what do you want to calculate? What type of results or parameters are you interested in? S-parameters? Fields? etc.

especially s-parameter now.But may be it will be necessary in future calculate the field.Then all of them.
I found a solution but I didn't chech it.I think it is so hard.
when I want to put my structure in waveguide the aparture of waveguide have the angle.then when you define the port the port also has angle
what do you think?

hi mirshahram

did you manage to find the solution to the problem of simulating the S parameters of AMC for different angle of incidence

i am desparetely looking for the solution

your comments on this issue would be of great help


i think you should try the unit cell boundary condition. then you can choose oblique incidence..

yes, I think if you set a unit cell boundary condition you can change the angle of the floquet port.

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