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How about to build 2 wheel balancing robot???Need Help pls!

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Jun 29, 2004
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balancing robot kalman filter

Hi there!!
My final project is about building 2 wheel balancing robot.
I plan to use :
1. AVR ATmega8535 as a microcontroller
2. DC motor with a gearbox
3. Accelerometer & gyroscope as a sensor.
4. WinAvr as a compiler.

But, i still confuse how to build that ???does anyone try to build this balancing robot??
Let's build this balancing robot. Does anyone interest with this project?

2 wheel balancing robot

Hi House_Cat Thx for your referrer link. But, how to build this robot step by step?does anyone interesting with this balancing robot project?
I plan to use accelerometer and gyroscope but don't know how to combine that two sensor. Can anyone help me?:cry:

kalman filter*balancing robot

I would start with just single-axis accelerometer, such as ADXL202, and add (for the time being) one (or two) small wheel(s) so the robot will not fall if something goes wrong ..
The output voltage from the ADXL sensor (as a tilt sensor) looks like a parabola (hyperbola) and that should be enough tilt/vertical information for a microcontroller to maintain the robot's vertical position and monoeuvre forwards and reverse .. with, and later without, using the supportive wheel(s) ..

Information on the ADXL202 sensor is readily available (google) ..


build 2 wheel balancing robot

:D. Thx IanP for ur attention.
Actually, i want to built this robot with 2 combination sensor. Accelerometer&Gyroscope.
I heard accelerometer has a low response time, is it true?
How to combine this two sensor using AVR with c programming (winavr)?
Using kalman filter?
How about if i only use accelerometer as a tilt sensor?
Any comment?
I use a second hand DC motor,but i still don't know how to synchronize that both motor?

2 wheel balancing robot sensor

Stick it on a segway.

project two wheel robot+gyroscope

How about the DC motor should i use??I'm still confused to decided which motor should i use. I need a fast DC motor with gearbox.
Need ur help please

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