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Horn Antenna in CST MWS 2009

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Jun 5, 2009
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Hi everybody,

I'm trying to construct a pyramidal horn antenna in CST microwave studio 2009, just don't know how to start the drawing.

Anybody can point me to the right direction on how to construct a horn antenna by providing some link, tutorial or even simple instruction?

Any suggestion will be appreciate.


Added after 24 minutes:

I have the dimension of the horn antenna, but after i construct the rectangular waveguide feeding part, it look like very trouble to construct the remaining parts that is the pyramidal shape aperture. Anybody can help?:D

it is very simple to construct pyramidal horn in CST .you can see the example of horn antenna in the help of CST.


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thanks. from cst help loft feature can solve the problem.

anyway, still facing some problem here. I have combine 4 pec sheets to form the rectangular feeding waveguide of the horn antenna by using the boolean --> add function, and i using the same method to build another larger size rectangular frame as the aperture of the horn. when i use loft feature to join the faces between the frame and the waveguide then an error occur --> lofting failed:face has more than one loop. so what is this error means?

Finally able to create the horn antenna.

From the help video that come together with the CST installation, to build a horn antenna it is better to start with construct the rectangular waveguide as a solid rectangular object rather than combine 4 pecs sheet to form the hollow rectangular waveguide, than build another larger solid rectangular object as the aperture of the horn and then apply "loft" feature to join the 2 picked face of the two solid object to avoid joining hollow rectangular that bring many error due to too many faces. Finally, use the "shell" feature to "dig" the solid horn antenna to become a hollow horn antenna. It is really easy.


go to
download and install it
for evaluation 4 or 5 antenna for free from list of 100
horn one of them you build it in magus and then export to CST
all done automatically with parameters so try it.


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thanks for providing the link.
antenna magus really helpful, create antenna structure just within few steps.

there is horn antenna example in cst. if u go to history and then step it, u cn see hw it buit..



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Hi prafuldeo,

Thanks for giving this useful hint!


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