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high vt and low vt cells

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Dec 12, 2006
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high vt

What is the manufacruring difference in Hvt and Lvt cells ?
meas how does Hvt cell differ from Lvt cells from each other in manufacturing

low vt cells

in terms of layouts .. the difference in one layer of the standard cells. ie difference in Nwell or Pwell .

disadvantages of low vt cmos device

The difference that i know is the amount of doping the diffusion, the difference in the threshold voltage makes them different from eachother.

Please correct me if i am wrong.

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low vt

Based on the formular Q/C, the concentration of doping, geometric structure of SiO2 should be difference for Hvt and Lvt devices.

transistor high vt

can anyone throw more light on the differences between high vt and low vt cells?

what is high vt cells

hi rakesh
Hvt cells are MOS devices with less leakage due to high Vt but they have higher delay than low VT, where as the low Vt cells are devices which have less delay but leakage is high. The thereshold(t) vloltage dictates the transistor switching speed , it matters how much minimum threshold voltage applied can make the transistor switching to active state which results to how fast we can switch the trasistor. disadvantage is it needs to maintain the transistor in a minimum subthreshold voltage level to make ir switch fast so it leads to leakage of current inturn loss of power
There are used accorting to the compromise wich exist between power comsumptiona and speed.

what are high-vt and low vt cells + edaboard

Does the oxide thickness varies w.r.t high vt and low vt cells?

low vt cells vs high vt cells

The thickness of oxide varies with the threshold. The thickness is kind of proportional to threshold voltage. For high Vt the thickness is more and for low Vt cells thickness is less.
e.g.-For 2.5 volt cells the thickness is just doubled of what is used for 1.2 volt cells.
what are low vt cells

i think the difference is in the power supply and the DRC rules

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