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[SOLVED] High Voltage Power Supply

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is there any easy way to create a high voltage supply (~1Kv) from a lower voltage standard bench supply?

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Hi Dlancia,

If you wish to build a high voltage supply, there is an interesting solution on J. Naudin's page h**p:// at the very bottom of that page where he uses the secondary coil of a small (probably portable) televison set's discarded line output transformer to get 20kV wound on a normal ferrit rod!
Of course you can change the primer/secunder turns' ratio of a built transformer to your needs. You can use other type of magnetic cores like E or even larger ferrit pot cores.

Regards, unkarc

PS: Do not bother what J. Naudin used for his high voltage supply... the circuit is simple and good. Oscillating frequency is surely changeable with C2 (and L1). The transistor may need heat-sink. You can start from 5-6V DC instead of the 12V. If it doeas not oscillate in any way, then change the sense of the coil at either the collector or the base to get the correct feedback.

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I suggest use old TV set, only decrease power supply voltage. I used this approaches several time for low-current supply, It works fine.

use a cockroft walten type power supply if u need low current and good regulation.
i can use any dc to dc convertor with a high step up retio transformar.

Have schematic o old ElectroForesis PSUs,
repared few such few years back, just can not remember where have put the schematics
of the 2 different models that repaired.

B U might try to seek for LKB or other
electroforesis power supply schemas, they
have great 1-4 kilovolt range designs
with up to 4 amp output in best cases of
the best supplys, and the newer the designs,
the better the feedback control of the
PSUs, usually with uPs in the newer PSUs,
though not the case in the old ones repared.

U could open ur own DNA-testing lab once
you have good PSU controllable with PC,
and the correct DNA terminal slicing zymes.

if you don't need a very high current...then you can use the flash circuit of a still camera. it gives around 1KV and i havn't seen such simple circuit to produce high voltage

I want to know another subject: How does the MOSFET work under the high voltage?

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