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High Voltage High Speed Switching Power Supply needed

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Apr 6, 2009
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high voltage switching power supply

I am in need of an ultra high speed switching high voltage supply. 5kV is good and 10kV is better. 0 to full-voltage is okay, but -5kV to +5kV is better. All I need is a square wave with adjustable frequency. All I care about is how fast it can switch and how long it stays on each side. I need about 700 V/us or faster.

This would be good, but they quoted us over $13,000.00.
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Do you know where I can buy what I need? If not, can you build it for me?

I already have an article describing how to build a switching circuit to switch a high voltage DC supply (we already have a DC HV supply), but some parts of the article are unclear to me and I'm not a high voltage guy. Maybe you could help me decipher this article for what I need. I have attached the article. The article describes the circuit for electrostatic deflection and that is the exact purpose I need it for. You don't need to worry about all the calculations for how much ion-beam deflection there will be. I just need the HV switching circuit and it needs to switch as fast as possible.

Thanks for your time.
circuit switching supply

i've made a similar device some time ago, but with less voltage and higher current. contact me on pm for details.

high voltage ultra high speed switch

newbie here.....
i'm doing a project almost same as the title. Can pm me the detail too?

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