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[SOLVED] High end and low end controllers

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May 4, 2012
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I am very confused with the terms like high end and low end micro controllers. Is there anything like this? For example if i say i am operating at 20mhz a pic micro controller and 20 mhz a freescale controller. Will they perform equally. Generally i am assuming pic is low end controller. Is it correct? Please help.

PIC is crap. I whould say that STM32F0 is low end and STM32F7 is middle. High end is mostly microporcessors, i suppose.

Why are you saying that because i am using it and little scared now. Can you suggest some limitations of pic.

PIC MCU 8 bit takes 4 cycles for one operation
PIC MCU 16 bit takes 2 cycles for one operation
dsPIC MCU takes one cycle for one operation

STM32F7 has more complexity in its logic which make it more faster. Just look to the price difference

in my idea, you compare a truck with Ferrari while they move with the same speed :)
STM32 cost the same as PIC8.
First one is ARM core, second one is a toy oriented mcu for simple tasks. The benefit could be in power, but in this case STM8 can be used, which is 10 times cheaper))
I am working on motor control application, so facing some issues maintaining the timing. So bit confused how to proceed. And the double calculations taking very long time.

try to use fixed point calculations instead of floating point. this will make your code very fast.

For BLDC motor use mcu that have 6 PWM outputs like STM8S103 for example. For step motor doesn't matter what to use.


But i need floating calculations how should i proceed?
I can't see why. I recommend to use fixed point calculations, too.
16 bits should be well enough for a motor control application.

But i need floating calculations how should i proceed?

Simplify your needs. Why do you need floating point calculations for a motor control?

If you have understood the principles, you can simplify to the bare bones. Do not try to do too many with one program. Develop in blocks.

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