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Hi doubt in C programming

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When a pointer is used to reference a structure, the structure pointer operator (->) is used:

is the same as

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My doubt got cleared, i was having doubt on that reference place

struct date {
int month, day, year;

struct date todays_date, *date_pointer; //
date_pointer = &todays_date; //

The link you given was nice, thanks

this is a simple case of configuring the ECAN bus in the code...

both lines a & b are used to Define ECAN Message Buffers.

statement a : it is about Configuring DMA Channel 0 for ECAN2 Transmit (Remote Transmit Request)
ecan2msgBuf __attribute__ is the syntax that has to be used to define or use any statement here...
ECAN2MSGBUF ecan2msgBuf __attribute__((space(dma),aligned(ECAN2_MSG_BUF_LE NGTH*16)));
means you are trying to configure the size of the CAN BUFFER MESSAGE LENGTH...... space dma refers to initializing the DMA space , and the length alloted if 4 bytes *16) you have to align the memory read and write when you use DMA....

typedef unsigned int ECAN1MSGBUF [ECAN1_MSG_BUF_LENGTH][8];

is declaration of ECAN1 message buffer length 4* 8 = 32 bytes you are allocating the memory and allocating DMA to read 32 locations....

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