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Help. Xilinx ISE4.2 Installation..

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Feb 28, 2002
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spartan-xl vhdl


I install ISE 4.2 for spartan or spartan XL. Therefore, after installation, I can not find Schmatic and VHDL or Verilog method in ISE program.
What 's the fault in installation. Or How can I set Sch or VHDL method in ISE environment.

Please Help me for this.


download ise webpack version 4.2i

you must create a new project, and after add a new document to project.
heare you can find schematic or vhdl.

xilinx classics

Thanks for you comments.

But when I create a new project, I can not find any more except edif in design flow.

In my pc and ISE 4.2, Project properties has only edif design flow with spartan.


xc4000 using ise4

maybe that you use not xilinx foundation ise but alliance.
if you use alliance you must use a partner tool to write vhdl or schematic.
you must use Foundation.
if you use foundation when you make a new project you must use or xst or vhdl to make a new project.

xilinx fndtn 4.2

That is mean the spartan device will be discontinued, but you also can use it by using edf entry design. you can select another device that support VHDL and schematic and do you design only by VHDL. then use
Leonardospectrum or synplify to compile it to edf file, then you can change back to spartan device in ISE and add in the edf file to you project, the next step I think you should know how to do.Good luck.

xilinx foundation 4.2

as stated in h**p://

The Spartan and XC4000 series FPGA device family software support is considered stable and mature. The device support has been decoupled from the current ISE software to maintain this integrity.

New or existing designs targeting the Spartan, SpartanXL and XC4000 series device families can continue to use this software indefinitely.

Spartan and XC4000 series device family software (h**p:// - ISE 4.2i Service Pack 3 level of support. Download file size is 153Mb

Devices supported

Spartan, Spartan XL - All
XC4000E, EX, L, XL, XLA - All

Design Entry
Unlike the ISE WebPACK third party tools are required to accomplish design entry using this download.

Synthesis can be accomplished by using Synopsys FPGA Compiler-II, Synplicity Synplify, or Mentor Graphics LeonardoSpectrum™. The Spartan and XC4000 series device families were never supported by Xilinx Synthesis Technology.

The following Xilinx design entry tools can be used with LeonardoSpectrum™ as part of an integrated design flow:

Xilinx ECS schematic editor
Xilinx HDL Editor
Xilinx StateCAD state diagram editor
Xilinx Core Generator System for only the supported devices listed above.
Schematic capture can be accomplished with any tool that will produce an EDIF netlist for the Spartan or XC4000 series devices.

Implementation Features (ISE 4.2i)

Xilinx Constraints Editor
Timing Driven Place and Route
iMPACT Programing Tool
FPGA Editor
Board Level Integration

IBIS and STAMP Models

Platform Support - PC Only

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