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help with tsop1730 IR transmitter

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Oct 23, 2009
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help with tsop1730


I am new to electronics and i want help!

I made the circuit at the foto but the receiver dont recognize the frequency but if i put it under a normal light only then the output becomes 0.
And if i put the led front of the receiver(so close to kiss) then i have 0 again.
Any ideas?
the output goes to ATMEGA8515.
sorry for my bad english!
thank you

help with tsop1730

The receiver reduces its gain when it receives continuous 30kHz (from a compact fluorescent light bulb) and from your 555.

The datasheet for the receiver shows that bursts of 30khz pulses are needed for the gain of the receiver to remain high.

Use a second 555 to turn your oscillator on and off so it makes bursts of pulses as the datasheet describes.

A TV remote control makes bursts of data. Then the receiver is at maximum gain.

help with tsop1730

yes, the TSOP1730 detects a burst of 38kHz signal and the burst must be more than 10 periods long.

Re: help with tsop1730

and how i make it to have a burst more than 10 periods long??any schematic?
should use a lm567??
And an other question when i connect the 555 to battery from 8volts it takes only
3,40volts and the timer is very hot!(i measure it with a multimeter)
maybe i burnt the timer?

help with tsop1730

You need a fairly low frequency oscillator to gate the 30kHz carrier oscillator on and off at 10 periods.

A 555 IC gets hot only when it drives a resistance that is too low. Maybe yours is burnt.

If your 9V battery is only 8V then drops to 3.4V then it is dead or is shorted.

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