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Help With can Protocol

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Sep 9, 2009
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dear all, i myself is a newbie with can protocol.

Is there any 16f series that supports can protocol?

can anybody help with a small program with pic16fxx series (or any other series)or a link for reference.

a sample Tx-Rx program would be appreciated.

thanks in advance.

Although PIC16F series are excellent general purpose microcontrollers, certain limitations have emerged, such as, they have limited program and data memory, their stack size is small, and all the interrupt sources have to share a single interrupt vector. Their limited instruction set also doesn’t provide direct support for more advanced peripherals interfaces like USB and CAN. The basis of the PIC18F Series is to address the issues that limit the PIC16F series.

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You may find the group to be more useful if you show some initiative first... try checking the datasheets!!! Just to show we're not all bad, if you're using a 18f2585/2680/4585/4680 and have the datasheet you may wish to consult pages 286 for tx'ing and 293 for rx'ing.

Else you might want to get the Applications Maestro from the microchip website and run that. That will generate code for you but unless you know what you're doing (which i am guessing is not the case since you're asking for the code in the first place) it would make more sense to write your own after consulting the datasheets.

look into this details of PIC supporting CAN protocol
CAN - Application Features - 8-bit Microcontrollers

You can also use the following PIC selection tool to specify the desire characteristics:

**broken link removed**

A good source for CAN example code and documentation:

**broken link removed**

These links should help you get started in the right direction.

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