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Help please with extending ribbon wires? or identification

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Jan 14, 2013
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Hi, Im looking to see if someone would help identifying the types of connectors I have in these pictures. I am looking to separate the lens and sensor part of a camcorder from the rest of the body, battery and other circuitry. The sensor and lens part has two ribbon wires extending from the underside which I would like to extend further so that it can be put on a pan/tilt system. Could anyone offer any advice as to how I could do this? Or can you buy small sections of ribbon wire like that to extend? Thanks for any help.


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What you've got there are "flat-flex" or FPC connectors. There are numerous manufacturers who make this type of connector: AMP, MOLEX, etc. Depending on where you are located, you should be able to find a distributor for them. They come in various pitches and thicknesses, so you'll need to determine which connector is appropriate. Perhaps (but not likely) you might be able to find a manufacturers number on the existing connectors.

Measure the pitch of the cable then look at people like Molex and JST for the connectors. You will be able to buy standard length FFC cables from distributors but you won't get the wide tracks as shown on one of your pictures - you would need a custom cable for that. You will need to make a PCB to extend the cables because you cable is an integral part of a flexi-rigid PCB. The best solution would be to make your own flexi-rigid PCB for extending it, then you could have the wider tracks where required but that is not the cheapest solution.


Thank you guys now I can make some more progress!

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