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Help needed regarding Poles and Zeros

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Aug 13, 2007
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Can any one explain to me how to visualize poles and zeros ? Any physical feel for them ?

HI,yalanand You an see it on BODE diagram!The Slope of diagram wil be increase 10DB/decade where points is zero.And decrease 10DB/decade at Pole points .
You can create a filter by placing suitable Poles and Zeros

is it 10db or 20db...anyways i know from bode plot point of view...but i want physical feel for that...

it is 20dB actually.... a pole is formed by a low pass network which attenuates the signal as the frequency increases and zero by a high pass network which attenuates the low freq component but provides lesser attenuation for higher freq components....

Am not sure abt this..but as far as i know..we can realise poles and zeros by the way a system behaving in the real world....poles and zeros plays a major in designing a system..hope u make a system phase lag or lead with another one...we got to get the help of poles and zeros of that system...

Try searching for DC motors, I think that they can be very phisical for you... Poles can tell you about the speed of settling your motor, so if you have pole that is near imaginary axis your motor will start very fast, but will have bigger amplitude, and will slower go to its stabile state... Something like that, not sure, but you can search google....

if you want a physical feel for poles and zeros why don't you try a simple proportional control for a motor and take the value near a pole, your control over the motor will disappear and it will speed up, but if you take the signal control near to a zero it will slow down until it stops totally.

for a pole
its a point at which a system will reduce i/p signal by 3db.
it characterizes ur system.

The same doubt came to me time ago...

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