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Help needed! Data transfer between PIC & CS8900

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Nov 19, 2004
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In 8-bit mode, I knew that the sequence to write data to CS8900A in I/O Space Mode (default I/0 Base Address) is: write 1st byte to 300h, 2nd byte to 301h, 3rd byte to 300h, 4th byte to 301h, and so on. This operation sequence is applied to read operation too. What if 16-bit mode? is the sequence like: 1st word to 300h, 2nd word to 302h, 3rd word to 300h, 4th word to 302h, and so on...??

The way my program sequence is as follows:
-Address Bus set to 300h.
-write Lower Order of word1 to Data Bus.
-turn IOW (I/O Write)pin active.
-turn IOW pin inactive.
-change Address Bus to 302h.
-write Higher Order of word1 to Data Bus.
-turn IOW pin active.
-turn IOW inactive.
-change Address Bus to 300h.
-write Lower Order of word2 to Data Bus.
-turn IOW pin active.
so on, and so on.....

Is the my sequence correct?? I do perform the same sequence for read operation too. I turn the IOW pin active and inactive every now and then I shift from one address location to another. I wonder if I am wrong...

Can any1 plz brief me the correct sequence to transfer data between my PIC18F452 uC and the CS8900A in 16-bit mode? A brief step-by-step shall help me, and it would be much appreciated. Because I'm very confused now. Thanks every1 in advance.

Not open for further replies.
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