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Help me start learning programming games

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Sep 15, 2007
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hi guys,

i have recently decided to start learning game programming
but the problem is i have no idea where to start.

i dont have the time to take a course with a college so i was hoping
that someone could help me out.

firstly what would be the best code to start with and where should
i aim to go from there... (like i said i have no experience)
and this might sound like an obvious question but which would be
better to learn with a PC or MAC???

I greatly appreciate everyones help

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Re: Complete Beginner

in college they usually start you out with visual basic.
It is very simple language... but you need to buy software to develop software
and pretty much every middleschool kid can program it!


Complete Beginner

First you should say to us what are you studying

Re: Complete Beginner

hey guys thanks for all the help that you have given me so far. sinu_gowde
those links that you posted were a great help.
At the moment I am just slowly working through all of the basics of Java as it seems like a great place to start.
if there is anything else that you think i should know just give me a shout.

Re: Complete Beginner

i encourage you to learn C from the beginning and then move on to C++. These two might take a while in the beginning but i think it's worth. Other languages could come later (like java, which is structurally very similar to C++).

What i don't recommend is starting with a language such as Visual Basic and so. It's true, they're very easy, but if you start with any of those pseudo languages you might get difficulties migrating to more complex languages later.

And of course, i do not recommend Visual Basic for gaming at all... Learn C, then C++ and then try learning to manage some graphic libraries like allegro, sdl, opengl, and so...

If you are a linux user, you have it very easy, gcc is your friend. For windows you have many choices, like gcc for windows, djgpp, Visual C++ (have to pay for it), and so on...

You have several IDEs too, rhide, eclipse, anjuta, kdevelop, ... just google and find the one that suits best.

good luck!

Re: Complete Beginner

ok i am having a bit of trouble operating some of the programs that i have downloaded.

I have downloaded gcc for windows and allegro but i don't know how to get them to run :p like i said complete beginner, but if i don't ask i won't know

Re: Complete Beginner

Nath_01 said:
like i said complete beginner, but if i don't ask i won't know
nobody's born with knowledge ;-) i encourage you to ask as much as you need, and don't be ashamed to show yourself as a newbie, we've all been newbies sometime in our life, and we all had to start from the beginning.

I also encourage you to search a lot in the internet and try to do things on your own, before asking for help. That way:
1.- When asking someone, you'll show you've done your homework, and are not the lazy one who prefers asking than working a bit
2.- You will learn much more because it will be your own experience

So don't give up easily, and try as hard as you can.

With all this, i'm not saying you're no trying, just suggesting you to do so. If you are already, that's perfect :)

Regarding to the allegro library and gcc, i haven't installed them myself in windows, so I won't be of much help. I just suggest you first try to install gcc and leave allegro for later.

After reading a little bit, i guess you downloaded mingw (minimal gnu for windows) which seems to come with gcc (haven't tried it myself), and i guess it's just a bunch of file you'll have to copy anywhere in your system, and modify some environment variables to get it working, but with no much difficult stuff to do.

Once you've played around with gcc a bit and understood how programming languages work and how compilers work, then you should move on and try using a library, but first things first.

Be a C language master! and things will come easily ;-)

good luck!

Re: Complete Beginner

hey guys im back (with a little bit more experience this time)

just wondering what people would recommend to use as a c++ library.

im looking at allegro as it is meant to be a good all round library
but i could be wrong.

please share your thoughts


Complete Beginner

My friend is a java game developer, I think java is a good chance. or others.

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