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help me in making automatic car control using 8051

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Aug 26, 2007
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robotic car using microcontroller

help me in making automatic car control using 8051

car control by microcontroller

Can you please specify what you want? What do you want to automate?

8051 controlled car

please be specific weather do u want to contol the speed of the car r some thing else so that we can help u in dis regard

robotic car using 8051

actually i want to make a car which will follow a particular path like on black rod there is a white line and car will follow that white line and one more thing if some obstracle comes in its path it will sense it with some sensor and stop before collision.
i want to make this project using 8051.pla help me


automatic stopping car using sensor

burglar alarm or oter?

car controlin usig microcontrollers

you can use two rows of sensors attached to some distance away from the car's center line. the two rows will be used to determine if the car has undergone some deflection from its supposed trajectory (the white line). whenever the car deflects from its trajectory, your microcontroller should be able to drive it back by turning the car the opposite direction until the car's center line align with the trajectory line. you can use phototransistors as the sensors, with leds providing the light source to be reflected by the surface. different surface colors reflect different amount of light to the phototransistors.

for the collision detection you can use ultrasonic sensor, attached to the front side of the car. if the sensor detects objects in front of it some distance away, the microcontroller can decide to reduce the speed so that it will stop before collision.

you may want to design your microcontroller so that it can control the motor's speed. you can do this by pulse width modulation. a dc motor can be easily controlled using pwm.

this is just a general idea, but i think it is quite common in robotic. you can try googling for 'robot line follower' (i guess that is your project, right?) there's much more solution on it.

car control project using microcontroller

Interesting project ...:|

line following car

Is the project attach to the real car? or just car control simulation?
You can use sensors like infrared, and simply read the line with uC

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