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Help me connect PT100 to ADC0804

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adc 0804

first you need to convert the resistance change of PT100 in mV.
for this you need to make constant current circuit for PT100 using OPAMP so that it give some voltage proportional to the resistance linearly.

after u got mV u can easily interface to any ADC u want

pt100 schema

What is your electronics background?
why do you want adc 0804. what are going going to do with the ADC's output?

Do you want to do the conversion of the RTD using hardware or software?

here is a good site for info

You can use the circuit on the datasheet datasheet of the ADC.

if you need more we are here to help


Many Thanks, But I confuse to use OPAMP.
I want to connect PT100 ( 0 ~ 255 C) with ADC. 0804. Can you give me schematic from PT 100, OPAMP(741) and ADC0804

pt100 converter

follow the link
**broken link removed**

this shows application note through maxim adc


this way u can create one reference voltage source and make a constant current thrugh your sensor. then it is amplified by another opamp

maxim pt100

what about the Schema for OPAMP and ADC0804?


Normally you should provide more details, but I think that the following will help you:

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View
the circuits for making precision current sources and sinks.
The precision current source and sink are based on the new. REF102 10.0V voltage reference. ...
By R. Mark Stitt (602) 746-7445

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Good luck

opamp pt100

If you are not looking for a hi end accuracy, it is much easier to use sensors like DS 1820 with on board AC DC converter.
No worries about resistance drift of long wires.

electronics between pt100 and adc

Did you check the link I sent?
just connct the first to the second circuit as simple as that

pt100 converter schema

check this
**broken link removed**
when the signal is scaled 0 to 5 then you can use a MCU with analog signal or use an adc. Let me know how you want to use it to tell you the changes you should make to the one on the datasheet
good luck
thank only using the helped me button

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