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Help for design dimmer

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Apr 21, 2015
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I want to Design a 3KW smart lighting dimmer for poultry .
when I try to use zero cross detection , Lamps start blinking at very low light .
Could I change 220v ac to the DC and use Microcontrollers PWM for switching rectified voltage with any semiconductor device ?
Is any way else ?

You can dim halogen lamps, most LED lamps and fluorescent lamps aren't dim-able.
Because lamps are resistive load you don't really need zero crossing.
The common dimmer with triac isn't a bad choice.
Are you trying to create a romantic atmosphere for the hens? Have you got a French rooster? :)
I want to dim simple Incandescent light bulb (filament) . for simulating day light I have to decries lamps light and at the lowest light , lamp start blinking . How could I fix this ?
I don't saw a commercial dimmer yet . And I don't know which method I have to use for this project .


for a triac dimmer you need a zero cross detection. Wit standard dimmer circuits this is managed by R, C and diac.

So you say it is blinking. Then you should have a circuit.
Show us your schematic. (I think this is the most used sentence here).
Without your schematic it is impossible to see where the blinking comes from.
Usually a dimmer can work without blinking.
For sure you can use other circuits for dimming lamps.

Is it alowed in your country to dim (with triac) that heavy loads?
If i remember right it is not alowed in germany´s public electric supply mains.


if this is not a single lamp, you can use multiple dimmers with lighter (allowed) load.
Just control one channel 0..100% then the other and so on until all are 100%.

Thanks for help
Could I do something like this ? not exactly of course !
IGBT driver other components doesn't placed yet .

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Sorry for incorrect link for scheme.


Thanks for help
Could I do something like this ? not exactly of course !
IGBT driver other components doesn't placed yet .

This idea can work but it needs some improvements.
Pin 3 of LCD must have a 1K variable resistor to ground.
The gate of the IGBT must have a gate driver that can drive the gate with 10V to 20V.
There must be isolation in the gate drive by means of transformer or opto-coupler.
You can copy some ideas from milan.rajik post.
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