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Help finding a tiny header

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Oct 3, 2015
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Hi all,

First post here, please be gentle...
I got this PCB in a casing I'm designing with 12 connections that need to go to the components that are on top of the casing.
I want to have a header on the PCB, and have all the components connected using a socket.
Problem is, the whole thing, connected, needs to be able to "hide" inside the casing and I don't have much room.
I also considered putting a right angle header next to the PCB and wire to it to save some space in Y.
Still, no matter how much I look, I can't find anything that would fit (I'm in the UK and usually order from rs components of farnell...)

Was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction, or give me some alternative solution....

I attached two sketches of the possible ideas I had in mind with measurements (the PCB has 12, one line wholes with ~2.5 pitch)



Common connectors might be the type inside cordless phones. 2 or 3 wire. You would need to attach several together. Any convenient pattern, 1x12, 2x6, 3x4, etc. Don't know how easy it will be.

IC sockets. Solder tiny wires into the empty slots. Obtain single-line sockets, or else cut up DIP type if you have the right tools.

I was going to say ethernet (8 line), and telephone (4 line). The plugs can be small, but the jacks are large for the small space.
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Thanks that's really helpful.
I spent a lot of time looking at IC sockets now, yet still having difficulties finding one to do the job. It always comes out too big...
If I get something like this - could I get rid of the single sockets, connect one to the pcb and plug another one into it (to which I will solder the wires...)
Does that make sense? It would still be borderline, bit that's the best option I could figure out...

(not sure if we had the same thing in mind when with the phone connectors, but if it's what I'm thinking of, I doubt I could handle that...)

Thanks again!

could I get rid of the single sockets, connect one to the pcb and plug another one into it (to which I will solder the wires...)

Yes, those shiny clips/sockets are similar to what I pictured. I pictured inexpensive IC sockets which contain similar clips. Cut them apart, piggyback them, solder wires into the clips, etc.

The ordinary IC clips are 1/10 inch apart. For smaller separation, there are sockets for computerized devices. It helps if you like to scavenge, and can get your hands on castoff electronic items.

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