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[SOLVED] Hard Disk drive for Acer aspire 4920

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Jan 8, 2011
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Koronadal City, Philippines
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hello there,
What are the brands and models of a hard disk that can be used in acer aspire 4920? I have here its own HDD but it seems that when in use its disk are touching with each other. I've tried to google the compatible brands and model for it but it only gave me the capacity of that particular drive.
tnx for any help...=)

when in use its disk are touching with each other

This is unclear. Can you explain? Is there more than one partition?

I've heard that if you modify a Windows laptop machine just a little too much, it will suddenly get the idea that your copy of Windows is on an unlicensed computer. You might hit a startup snag that's hard to solve. Your custom Windows install disk may not install.

Do you know the brand and model hd that came with yours? Changing the capacity should be okay, but don't quote me.

yes sir, it is hitachi HTS541612J9SA00-(S1)....but it seems that there is no such brand and model available here in our area, another thing is that i've posted this question on other forums and one of the guy said that it is a sata kind of HDD and any 2.5" would fit on it, but why is it that when I enter the bios set-up the label on my HDD is not SATA but instead it is IDE?

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when I mentioned touching with each other I mean there's such noise in the HDD when the laptop is operating. It seems that the disks are colliding with each other.

Essentially, your HDD has crashed. Your drive interface is IDE and not SATA. So you want to get a 2.5" IDE Drive for your laptop..any brand should be ok.

Your model no. HTS541612J9SA00 turns up in an internet search as a SATA drive, not IDE.
You'll need to find out for sure if your drive bay is IDE or SATA.
Or maybe you can find a picture at a website which shows a connector matching yours.

Hitachi Travelstar



- Hard drive

- 120 GB

- internal

- 2.5"

- SATA-150

- 5400 rpm

- buffer: 8 MB

Above description found at :
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You should be able to find the datasheet for your drive online. Download it and compare the data cable connections, there is quite a bit of difference between IDE and SATA. The SATA is fairly compact with fewer pins compared to the IDE which on a 2.5" takes up most of the drive's cable end.

acer aspire 4920 laptop support support 2.5" -sata hard drive, 5400 RPM speed.
Hitachi, Toshiba, Samsung, Seagate,these models can match. normally it's comes with W.D-250 GB-5400RPM,8MB cache.
don't try to use 7200RPM speed,it make over heat & easy to spoil also lose your data..........8O

....=), I didn't know that the letter and number combination of hitachi HTS541612J9SA00 has an equivalent meaning to easily identify the specs of the hard I know that my HDD is Sata drive....tnx everyone.

your hard drive is Hitachi Sata 2.5" size-120GB 5400 RPM 8MB Cache .you can use any 5400 Rpm 500 GB 2.5" Hard disk also.:-x

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