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Handwritten Recognition realization using FPGA

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Sep 27, 2009
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Hi all,

I am an electrical engineering student doing final year project on handwritten recognition. I am thinking of using wavelet transform for feature extraction and hybrid of fuzzy logic with neural network for recognition. May I know any comments on whether is it feasible to implement the process of feature extraction until recognition in FPGA? Or we do feature extraction using Matlab and implement fuzzy-neural network in FPGA? Please advise me in any sense. Thank you.

Whoa, that is one interesting challenge! What is the suggested environment? Because doing this in pure FPGA is a really big project.


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What do you mean by environment? From my literature review, I found out some implement feature extraction in Matlab and then use FPGA to realise neural network. But I am not sure whether is it feasible to implement Fuzzy-Neural Network in FPGA.

Your question is not about the FPGA implementation, but it is from a much higher abstract level.

Then the answer is Yes, it can be implemented, but it is a VERY difficult task, if you can implement your design using Matlap or Simula, then you can conver those to VHDL and use the Xilinx DSP package to implement it in FPGA, but I have to warn you, this is a really big project and needs a very good knowledge of FPGA in order to make it work, plus you need to know a lot about your HW in case you want to actually build something.

I am afraid, I am not the right person to help you with that,

Best regards,

Any idea to download the Matlab source code to the chipset? How the hardware set up?

Added after 15 minutes:

Can the Matlab source code download to the board chipset? Any converter? How the protocol? Interfacing got problem?

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