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H-Jtag can't programming LPC1768

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Aug 21, 2008
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I would like to help. Soldered a LPC1768 on a platform smd, rode a source of 3.3 V, the JTAG connector and an LED on pin P0 [0]. Researched looking for 2 full days free tools and paid, I downloaded them and started trying. Initially worked with Iar, Keil, and then with the LPCXpresso CooCox by the way I found wonderful! and used the recording as H-Jatg I had a problem trying to burn the LPC1768 with version 1.1 but after I downloaded version 1.0 and everything worked .... was so glad because I had already done a "Helow World" with a light and then went to configure the internal oscillator and that's when it all fell down, stopped recording giving the following information in H-Jtag when click on Check "Can 't halt target and make it enter DEBUG state, for H-JTAG USB ... "Whew !!!!!! I have already submitted questions to the forum site in H-Jatg and nobody answered me! Does blew ARM ??????? Has anyone been there? and knows how to solve. I'm considering buying a USB recorder market and try to burn again. See pictures of my little plate and engraver Wiggler clone, hey! I had a hard solder in all this!!

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