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H Bridge inverter outputs 0v once transformer is connected

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with dummy resistive load i have output 21Vrms @ 36VDC but with transformer connected i have 0vac, regulatior TL783c regulates my 36V to about 22v @700ma then to casacded booster(TIP41C,42C) then to 7812 (12v regulator ) then to (7805) 5v regulator for arduino
my current boost transistor for my TL783C (700mA)regulator TIP42/41c gets warm while operating , i am using arduino to generate spwm at16khz on left bridge and 50hz on right bridge ,ir2110 mosfet driver with 12v supply voltage filtered with 47uf,0.1uf cap, 10uf boostrap cap,fr107 diode to charge bootsrap cap
Total resistance at high side gate is 47ohms,57ohms at lowside ,Vss 10ohms , making the total resistance at high side is 57ohms to the o gate,47k,15Vz at gate-source zener for gate protection on all 4 gates so far it works but only until i connect my transformer
i donot have an oscilloscope but i have a meter that can read dutycyle and frequency when transformer is connected there is varying duty cycles on all 4 pwm and complementry to
each other HS1(27%) LS1(70..%) HS2(82..%) LS2(20.. %) frequency btw HS!,LS1 16khz , .HS2-LS2 7..khz , HS1-HS2 7.6khz, LS21-LS2 7.6Khz these readings were taken from driver ir2110 output ,
pulses are present but voltage HS1-HS2 0.06VAC, HS1-LS1 8.6VAC HS2-LS2 9.8VAC LS1-LS2 6.4VAC . why is there no voltage between both highsides ,

Everything seems ok is there a way my transformer is the cause?
pls can u advice what to do?
My transformer works from primary(mains 220) to secondary (21Vac) but why doesnt it work from seconday to primary(inverting)?

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