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H bridge IGBT driver problem

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May 17, 2002
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I use 4 mornsun QP12W05S-37 IGBT drivers for drive H bridge 1200V,200A IGBTs ,I use the recommended circuit in the datasheet.

Bit the IGBT will failed and become shorted because of over current or short circuit,,please help me to find a reliable IGBT driver that helps to prevent
IGBT failures,

Please give useful circuits or pdfs on this topic.

Can you upload the circuit diagram you used?

The sch is attached


  • igbt4 sch.pdf
    6 KB · Views: 152

Hello 7rots 51,i am not so familiar with that chip but i think you should look out for IR2113 0r HIP4081IPZ datasheet it would help.

Can you give some more details about the conditions under which the IGBTs fail? Does this only happen under load?

First disconnect the gate drivers from the IGBTs and confirm that the gate driver accurately reproduces the desired PWM signals. Make sure there it adequate dead time.

Then reconnect the gate drivers to the H bridge, and do the same test while there is no power supplied to the H bridge.

Hi 7rots51,
is your switching frequency within 20khz please specify
regards ani

10-20khz is my IGBT drive freq.

Hi 7rots51,
1. The isolated DC/DC converter is only for the gate drive;
2. The IGBT gate-emitter drive loop wiring must be shorter than 1 meter;
3. The IGBT gate-emitter drive loop wiring should be twisted;
4. If large voltage spike is generated at the collector of the IGBT, the IGBT gate resistor should be increased;
5. The external capacitors or resistors should be set as close as possible to the Hybrid IC;
6. The external Cf or Rf should be set as close as possible to the Hybrid IC, and the value can not exceed the recommended maximum;
7. The peak reverse voltage of the diode D1(to connect PIN13) must be higher than the peak value of the IGBT collector voltage;
8. When recovery current flow in D1, PIN13 is applied high voltage. In the case, counterplan for protection which insert a zener diode between PIN10 and 13 are necessary
like above diagram(DZ1);
9. When the built in short-circuit protection circuit need not be used, please connect resistance of 4.7kΩ between PIN9 and 13(D1and DZ1are not required).
10. The input signal voltage must be less than 5.25V. The higher input signal voltage, the higher input signal current. It will result in more dissipation. The input port is a circuit
composed of a high-speed optocoupler series with a 150ohm resistor. Practically, a current-limiting resistor is inserted

Do your circuit satisfy all the above conditions as said by the manufacturer
regards ani
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