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Function generator 10Hz-10MHz with max038

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Sep 3, 2001
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max038 function generator

This the schematic, the PCB, the silkscreen of function generator from elektor.
It used a MAX038.

CD :)

max038 .pdf

File on "free mirror" damaged (186 byte only !)

max038 schematic

and what about stability against temperature?
max038 pcb

Remember that it takes two days to get the file to the mirror site.

I have examined the file and it is a very good commercial quality design complete with PC layout and loading diagram. I would estimate it at the Leader brand level with some extras such as LCD frequency readout.

The stability will be set mostly by the passive R and C parts you select.

function generator schematic

Join the characteristics of the function generator.
CD :)
tens unit schematic


I built this design from elektor a year ago or so. I think the article is from june 1995, there are other designs at EPE.

If I remémber correctly the PDFs are not to scale, so beware of this if you print it to make your own PCBs. Also check mirror or not mirrored PDF. I guess you have to rescale them, If I can find my printouts I can scan them if someone is interested.

max038 pic16f877

I have build the generator some time ago ( about two years ) just for fun, but I must admit the characteristcs are similat the ones of a commercial generator ( not for sure HP, but average quality )
Could be increased the quality of the sinewave ( actually little bit distorted ) but for amatorial or semi-professional work it is OK.
Respect the old XR2206 is about two decades higher frequency ( started with it with the first number of elektor in 1982 ). About stability is quite good if you use silver mica capacitors ( up to 3 nF ) and a multiturn pot for the frequency.


max038 eagle

I can sugest this generator, I have build it. It seems that it has been published in Elek*or.

function generator max038

Same file but converted to a nice pdf and then zipped :D

generate 10hz

i build a nice project from EPE Mag.
works like a charm with multiturn pot and LCD readout.
based on pic16f877!!
**broken link removed**

i have all needed..


max038 signal generator schematics

kyndal said:
i build a nice project from EPE Mag.
works like a charm with multiturn pot and LCD readout.
based on pic16f877!!
**broken link removed**

i have all needed..


This artical is already here check out this

**broken link removed**

max038 generator

Others function generators without max038, with more of 5 mhz. The max038 i'm cost 40€ in catalonia.


pic16f max038


There are other ways to build you signal generator but if you like to use MAX038 I think you can try to get a sample from them.
**broken link removed**
I think there are no problem to ship to Spain.

But do not misuse the great offer. There are different designs both for SMD and DIP so you have to deside which one you like to build first. Search the forum and you get more info.


function generator max038 circuit

I don't have any points to download these files.
Please can anyone help me?

build function generator

Hi, hyperion-1. Use Free mirror to download without points.

Best Regards.

schematic max038

i find a some documents about function generator base on Max038. Frequency can up to 35MHz. You can see them in file blow. It contained schematic and PCB on Eagle
have fun!
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frequency generator 10Îœhz circuit

According to Maxim, the MAX038 is no longer available and they know of no suitable substitute. Futurlec (h**p:// shows them for $19.90 each. I'm seriously considering getting a couple of them before the supply dries up completely.

A search of Google for ["function generator" build MAX038] got me a lot of good hits.
One of them was for a microcontroller controlled MAX038 that looked really capable if you are familiar with microcontrollers.

I'm thinking of building a box with the MAX038 and an ICL8038 to provide sweep capability.

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