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Full design of a 70 MHz Digital Oscilloscope - RS232

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oscilloscope rs232

This website gives you a full explanation on how to design a Digital Oscilloscope. All circuits and software is included - Tip: This design includes a few hectic sampling circuits, but if you'r only interested in building a normal scope, just look at the PIC16F84 and sheet 4 of the scematics - the rest of the circuit can be disgarded. Just take time to look at the whole design!! - Enjoy

rs232 oscilloscope

They also offer kits or complete build scopes ... looks very interesting !

rs232 oscilloscope plans

I am designing 100 MHz scope + 100 MHz logic analyzer on USB bus. In future, I plan use FireWire interface for data exchange between board and PC. I think it is better idea then use slow COM port

oscilloscope very simple

hello prspice
thank you very much for providing a very good link. Have you tried out the stuff yourself?
If so how was the performance?

pc oscilloscope rs232

Ok, anyone build this oscilocsope ?

digital oscilloscope design

looks very interesting. But I didnt find the PCB layout. We can exchange some informations about this osciloscope, and maybe we can try it together.

anybody could try to make a PCB?!

70 mhz on oscilloscope

Hi all

I have built the BS, I have posted some usefull info here:

If there's any questions PM me.


digital oscilloscope design reference

A very good reference. Though I am not intended for building my own Oscilloscope it gives great insight into the design methodology. Thanks for the link

software oscilloscope rs232

Hello all.
First of all, thanks for the people who provided so nice links.
But I can see that all the links are related to real time digital storage osciloscopes. Those designs are always hard to make and depend on the ADC used (that should be very fast to be able to get a high sampling rate).
There's another solution that was not quoted here.
To use a non real-time solution. I mean, a sampling head.
Since in most of the cases when we are doing measurements we are triggering by the waveform been measured or another reference signal. And the measured waveform doesn't change we can take one sample (one point) every trigger. And then reconstruct the waveform by software.
This is the method used by all osciloscopes in the GHz range (tektronix, hp, etc...)
This solution would certainly lead to very simple implementations. Nomemory needed, etc....
Does anybody have any information about such a sampling-head for low frequencies like 100Ms/s....?
Thanks to all.

pc scope rs232

I have never successed to link to this site for a long long time! What's the problem?

oscilloscope rs232 mhz

There is very simple and cheap oscilloscope.

oscilloscope rs232 interface


I had no problems with the bitscope or home.wxs links.

I agree that the dsoworld link seems to be gone.

If you are linking on the link & expecting to go there - it does not work that way. You need to edit the link to add missing or remove extraneous information.

For example clicking on the bitscope link gives;
**broken link removed**

One needs to replace the *'s with the obvious letters and delete the elektroda portion at the front.

On the home.wxs link, just copy and edit out the extra characters.

Hope this didn't insult anyone - I know how difficult the obvious can be until someone explains it!

Good Luck

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