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FT2232H mini module both channel Async FIFO problem

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Dec 12, 2007
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Hi all,

I have a problem with a FT2232H mini module.

I have to connect both channels of mini module to an altera FPGA based board as Async FIFO.
On channel A I see (by signal tap) that all signals are ok, in particular TXE_A is low and RXF_A is high when there are no traffic.
If I send some byte from USB to FPGA I see RXF_A toggling as expected.
This is not the same on for the TXE_B and RXF_B that are always high even if I write on channel B of USB.
Both channels have the same eeprom configuration.
If I swap the pin assignment when compile the design for the FPGA the channel A is still working and the B is not, so the problem is not in the FPGA side.

I suspect that the problem may be a wrong pin connection on mini module:
CN2_2 -> gnd
CN2_4 -> gnd
CN2_5 -> CN2_11 (for usb bus powered configuration)
CN2_7 -> data(0)
CN2_9 -> data(2)
CN2_10 -> data(1)
CN2_11 -> CN2_5
CN2_12 -> data(3)
CN2_13 -> data(5)
CN2_14 -> data(4)
CN2_15 -> data(7)
CN2_16 -> data(6)
CN2_17 -> TXE_A
CN2_18 -> RXF_A
CN2_19 -> WR_A
CN2_20 -> RD_A

CN3_1 -> CN3_3 (for usb bus powered configuration)
CN3_2 -> CN2_2 (gnd)
CN3_3 -> CN3_1
CN3_13 -> CN2_1
CN3_14 -> WR_B
CN3_15 -> RD_B
CN3_16 -> TXE_B
CN3_17 -> RXF_B
CN3_18 -> data(7)
CN3_19 -> data(6)
CN3_20 -> data(5)
CN3_21 -> data(4)
CN3_22 -> CN2_1
CN3_23 -> data(3)
CN3_24 -> data(2)
CN3_25 -> data(1)
CN3_26 -> data(0)

Other pin on both connectors are not connected.

There is something wrong?

Thanks in advance

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