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FreeRTOS application help plz

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May 7, 2011
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Hi , i need help , i m working with pic18f4550 using FreeRTOS, i ve create an USB task but i had this error :

MPLINK 4.34, Linker
Copyright (c) 2009 Microchip Technology Inc.
Error - section '.udata_heap_1.o' can not fit the section. Section '.udata_heap_1.o' length=0x000001f8
Errors : 1

i think this error is because of memory of the pic18f4550
can any one tell me what to do
thank u

I think the memory that u use must not exceed the maximum memory that is already defined in the library. u can refer the compiler's user guide.

Thanks for ur hlp
After lot of tries i ve :

now the problem : i ve creat a simple task "ToggleLED" but it doesn't work
i think the multitask is not working i have no idea about the problem can any one help

Well we need to see your code before we can help you.

Does the project with your simple task compile properly?

I suggest zipping up your project and uploading it or if it is fairly short post it in code tags.

hi every one
i ve converted the demo of FreeRTOS from pic18452 to pic18f4550 the problem is vTaskDelay () doesn't work i have no idea whats the problem
i ve attached my project if any one find the error plz help
thank u
"View attachment FreeRTOS V6.0.4.rar rtosdemo1.mcp"

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