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Free Seminar on "Quest for Scalable Verification"

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Jun 17, 2008
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ovm introduction

Quest for Scalable Verification => result:
Questa + OVM

With ever growing complexities of ASICs (and FPGAs), the task of verifying them has become a “never-say-done” activity. Given the need for multiple levels of reuse in design and verification, a stand-still approach to verification doesn’t hold good any longer. It requires continuous inflow of new ideas, thoughts and technologies to address the complex requirements. Hence the quest for a scalable verification has been a continuous one. A series of innovative, path breaking technologies have emerged over the last decade to address the verification challenges. Back in 2005 IEEE standardized SystemVerilog as the standard HDVL to incorporate many of these technologies with a Verilog flavor. Since then SV has been making its way into being the most preferred language for ASIC Design and Verification across the globe. However leading edge semiconductor houses have quickly realized that using SystemVerilog on its own might lead to sub-optimal benefits especially in Verification. This is due to the fact that the language is vast and not every team has enough time to experiment with the right usage model for the task at hand. This is the primary motivation behind adopting a Verification Methodology - to get more productive in less time.

OVM as announced in late 2007/early 2008 is proving to be a very good choice for building such scalable verification infrastructure as it has all the classical methodology features plus some of the most advanced, proven verification techniques such as Virtual sequences, factories etc. The good thing about OVM is it is open, and there is a vibrant ecosystem building around OVM. We at CVC have an everlasting thirst to be on top of any new verification technology. As part of Mentor’s Questa Vanguard program, CVC has had the privilege of experiencing the power of OVM early with a robust, easy-to-use verification platform – Questa!

As with any new technology, the initial adoption requires some ramp up time. During our early engagements with building OVM compliant verification environments we went through a series of learning steps. As a result of it, we at CVC recently composed a step-by-step OVM quick start guide that we share with our customers. In this seminar, we share an early preview of this step-by-step guide with a simple packet de-serializer design. We walk through the following topics:

SystemVerilog features for Verification

OVM introduction

DUV - Packet de-serializer

Step-by-step OVM approach with code snippets

Highlights of important Questa features that helped us in the process

Results, summary and looking forward

To attend this seminar: Click on: Register for CVC OVM with Questa seminar.
If the above link doesn’t work, send an email to mailto: cvc.training@gmail.com;
?subject=CVC_OVM_Questa Please include the following details in your email.

Company Name:
Official Email ID:
Contact Number:

Venue: CVC Bangalore Office (Ground Floor)
Date: 2nd Aug 2008, Saturday at 15.00 (3.00 PM)
Agenda: 1 hour presentation followed by a quick demo + Q&A

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