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Free Seminar on Advanced Verification with Aldec’s Riviera

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Jun 17, 2008
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Free Seminar on Advanced Verification with Aldec’s Riviera-Pro

Given the ever growing complexities of SoC designs, the task of verifying these SoCs is herculean indeed! A series of innovative, path breaking technologies have emerged over the last decade to address the verification challenges. Industry is seeing a culmination of these techniques in the form of new languages such as IEEE 1850-PSL, IEEE 1666 SystemC etc. Every language provides a complementary strength, and addresses specific problem. Recently, many of these separate language capabilities have been integrated into single language and are available as IEEE-1800 standard SystemVerilog (SV). SV is poised to be the choice of DV engineers for many years to come due to the overwhelming support from all tools and the greater eco-system of trainings, books and papers.

Aldec has been the primary EDA provider for various ASIC and FPGA design tasks for over 24 years now. Riviera-PRO is a proven high-performance, mixed-language simulation engine with advanced debugging tools for ASIC and FPGA design teams. Riviera-PRO supports VHDL, Verilog®, SystemVerilog, SystemC, C/C++, PSL and OVA assertions from one common design environment. Riviera-PRO enables mixed RTL debugging, long regression testing, timing simulation and electronic system level (ESL) verification.

IEEE 1800, SystemVerilog is a major extension to Verilog-2001, adding significant new features to Verilog for verification, design and synthesis. Enhancements range from simple enhancements to existing constructs, addition of new language constructs to the inclusion of a complete Object-Oriented paradigm features. We at CVC have been on the top of leading edge verification technologies for the past half-a-decade. We recently setup an advanced verification environment for a memory controller using SystemVerilog and Aldec’s Riviera-PRO. In this seminar an share that anecdote with the attendees. We walk through the following topics:

Advanced Verification techniques

Verification Architecture for Memory controller

Key SystemVerilog features used in this verification with code snippets

Screenshots of important Riviera-PRO features that helped us in the process

To attend this seminar, confirm your registration by sending an email to cvc.training@noveldv.com with subject as CVC_Verif_Aldec Seminar. Please include the following details in your email.

Company Name:
Official Email ID:
Contact Number:

Venue: CVC Office (Ground Floor)
Date: 23rd July 2008 at 11.00 A.M
Agenda: 1 hour presentation on Advanced Verification Using Aldec followed by demo

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