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Free 555 timer design program!

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555 timer designer

Thanks Robin Hood

555 designer

thanks much interesting, 555 is very old timer

555 designer astable

thank,sometime it usefull

555 desiyner

One of the 555 problems is the thermal drift. But you can compensate this very easy using a thermistor in the RC network. Otherwise it's a very cheap versatile and stable solution


popularity has little to do with
good engineering.
these little oldies have good current
drive aspects worthy, i use them
for simple voltage multipliers for
example, they work a treat.


thanks for the info
555's are still so useful.

ss55511 555.exe

For a short duration timer Thay are great and cheap. You can bu them now that work down to under 1 volt supper little chip.

555 designer 2

thanks, a very useful program

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