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fpga editor coordinates for routing nodes

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Apr 19, 2010
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In Xilinx FPGA Editor you can inspect the paths of a routed design. When you then zoom in and do a mouseover, you get a tooltip with a name + X,Y coordinate for the routed segment.

A few examples of what I mean:

(-68920,-178056) OUTPUT
(-69605,-177816) OUTBOUND
(-69607,-177336) PINBOUNCE

These correspond with nodes on the switchboxes. These are also the coordinates that are used in directed routing. I would like to be able to for a given coordinate that the tool spits out, what kind of node it is. So is it an OUTBOUND, PINBOUNCE, or is it a SINGLE or a QUAD. That helps in identifying what is going on during routing and would help a lot in debugging.

Right now I have a perl + fpga_edline script that does most of the work, and gets some useful results. I would like however to have a list of these coordinates (or a way to generate them) to get a bit more meaningful results. As it is now, it's a lot of guessing + random heuristics. A lot better than nothing, but also lots of room for improvement.

Anyone have any ideas on how to obtain the coordinates for these nodes?

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