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FPGA Design Engineer JOB Market

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Jul 18, 2011
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i am studying System On Chip Design and i am trying to figure out the way that the job market is working and generally what is the deal with the fpga / digital ic design jobs.

First of all, to be honest , i think that UK is the country with the biggest FPGA job Market. Is it true?

Secondly, how many levels are there for an FPGA / Digital Ic design engineer ? I only know junior, senior and principal but i do not know what experience corresponds to each level.

Moreover, what is the deal with the contracts, full time ,part time and stuff like that? For example, if you have a permanent position in a corporation/industry then does this mean that you will spend the rest of your life in this company? If you enter a company as a junior engineer and after 3 years you get higher level(senior) and you want to apply for a senior level fpga job in an other company, is it possible? If yes, what are the main issues in this case?

Furthermore, a career in a company is not for a lifetime. That means that once you get a job in a company you cannot be sure that you will keep your job until you become 60 years old. ( retirement, am not sure about the retirement age, just guessing). So, do people usually change companies during their career? What is happening in this case? And in case that someone is fired and he is 40+ years old how possible is it to find a new job ? I have heard that companies do not hire so old employees due to cost and other reasons. Is it so and what happens in this case? Do companies in countries like sweden, UK and wealthy countries usually fire people in this age? Does the FPGA job market differ in this issue?

Do companies usually fire engineers or do they usually change companies by their request?

Finally i have seen job adverts for principal fpga design engineers. That means that they are looking for an engineer with 10+ years experience. That means that if you have worked for 10 years or more somewhere in the same field you can apply.

I know that i am talking about many different issues and that most of them are common for many different jobs as well. But they still are important and blurred in my mind.

I hope i will get some answers! :p

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