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Floquet port - How is works and captures waves ? Simulation queries

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Vittal Rao

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Jul 16, 2015
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Hi ,
I am a beginner w.r.t HFSS and i want to use it for a whole new purpose. i.e for simulating solar cells. I am interesting in how light is interacting and getting reflected (absorbed) at different layers of my solar cells. (i have some periodic structures)

To begin with, i modeled a simple solar cell :
1) Setup a 3 layer solar cell (glass>silicon>silver) as a test case. (nm scale)
2) Inserted an air box around it and set the XZ and YZ planes as master-slave to mimic periodic structures.
3) Inserted 2 Floquet ports on planes parallel to XY planes(top and bottom of air box) with 2 modes of excitation.
4) Solved for 500nm frequency and incremented with frequency sweep(500nm to 600nm).

It looks something like this. **broken link removed**
Looking at S parameters for the reflection.

My understanding is that certain modes of floquet port after interaction with the layers pass through the other floquet port which is given as transmittance[T]. 1-T should be what is absorbed. So i am looking at S21 which is the remaining transmittance after interacting with different layers.

1) Is my assumption correct ?
2) How do i know which floquet port acts as excitation ? (i am interested in modes traveling from top port to the bottom port and not vice versa)
3) During the interaction with different layers, the light (EM wave) may get reflected or scattered and the modes might totally change. Does the port below register all of the energy coming out of the model ?
4) What should i do if i need the reflectivity of the different layers separately ? Any thoughts on this ?

Thank you for you time and patience. I hope someone could help me understanding this software.

NOTE: I have read the periodic structure floquet port user-guide already.

The attached file is missing, please upload the file again


@edit 1 - image reattached

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