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Floppy drive motor as a turbine (Electricity Generator)

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Jun 19, 2011
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hi all. I want to build an electricity generator out of a floppy drive motor. the problem is that it has more than 2 connectors and I am unable to discover where to connect my LED to get lit by this generator...
plz guide me

I think best results to be obtained if connect directly some diodes to the motor coils.

how ???

I am absolutely new to electronics

You didn't mention the motor type. A floppy drive (I assume a recent 3.5" drive) has typically a larger planar BLDC motor rotating the floppy disc and a smaller stepper motor moving the head. Which one you are talking about?

The floppy disk motor is a star build of coils as the heart of the brushless dc motor. It contains 3 windings that form a 3-phase motor. The three windings are connected together in single point, that is the common connection. The three phases may be rectified with three diodes and the resulting voltage can be used to power some circuits.


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thanx all... I tried to connect an LED to every connector as a pair one by one while spinning the motor by hand and found two points where LED turned on... the next step is to attach some fan to it so that it will spin by wind...

a question i still have in mind is "How to improve its power" for example to charge a cell phone battery or something similar... or even more interesting.

the rpm of the floppy motor is to be known , to get any reasonable power from the motor as generator.

the floppy standard speed is 360 rpm.
if it is dirct coupled then that is the rpm .
if the motor in your hand is belt driven then the pully ratio is necessary.

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