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Flash programming throught JTAG interface

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Apr 25, 2001
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I've a processor ADSP-21160 (jtag compatible) connected to AMD flash memory (non Jtag).
Is there a free tools that interface Jtag port trought a PC parallel port and allows to program the flash memory?
Thanks in advance.

:eek: :eek:

I've just coded such a soft to do that, one week ago !! :!: 8O

I use an ADSP-21165 with an AMD flash with a Xilinx parallel cable.

It works very well but it's slow :oops: very slow :oops:
due to the long internal shift register of the DSP (284bits)

perf : about 100 written bytes in the flash / s

I can share the prog but not the source ! :roll:

jtag interface

Hi samsuffy,

what was your starting point, and could your program be extended to load a program into the Sharc memory space and execute it, I take that you are twiddling the bits in software without custom hardware.

Thanks in advance.


my starting point is a custom design ... from scratch ...

I program the flash through the EXTEST mode of the DSP (direct control of its pins via JTAG)

I could load a program into the memory ... if I have the doc about the undocumented JTAG register reserved for emulation !!! :cry: :cry:

sorry for my english but what do you mean with :

I take that you are twiddling the bits in software without custom hardware.


jtag interface

Hi samsuffy,

sorry about that, I meant you are doing all the shifting of bits and stepping through the jtag statemachine required to implement it via software, without hardware - from a parallel port.

You English is fine, you make yourself understood perfectly.


Indeed, I control directly the state machine with parallel port...

I have also an FPGA on board. I plan to implement the state machine handling in VHDL but it needs more time... I needed a fast solution, in term of developping time :wink:

Do you have info about reserved JTAG registers ?... :roll:

jtag interface

Hi Samsuffy,

I don't but if find out - I will make it available here.


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