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First professional milling – engraving CNC machine

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Nov 30, 2009
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It’s a almost professional machine that can work with plastic and polymer. Work pole 600*400*100mm but in “Z”axle should have possibility to lift – up for 100mm.
I decided to use twisted - steel – aluminum construction (no possibility of steel – weld construction), line fences, trapezoid screws, Constance ” gate” and moving in “Y” direction table.
Frame is steel profiles with wall-cut 4mm. Two longer has dimensions: 100mm*50mm and 1200mm length, two shorter – 80mm*60mm and 410mm length, at both ends I welded steel sheat 10mm wide ( only weld elements in construction ) Frame is reinforced from bottom side by metal sheet 10mm wide and tighten by M8 screws. Shorter profiles were grinded to right hight and milling to right length.
I drilled holes fi30mm to set “Y” axle and montage holes for casing.
“X” axle is set on two PA6 aluminum 15mm width wit dimensions 600mm*200 (bottom) 150 (top).
Each axle consist line bearings, fences are precocious rollers with diameter:
Fi30 – “Y” axle
Fi 25 – “X” axle
Fi 20 – „Z” axle
Drive is a step engine 1,8Nm power. Gear 2:!, and trapezoid screw 18mm diameter and 4mm of jump. To cancel backlash I use two nuts. One is constant set into bush.
Steering system is typical L297 and L298 aplications via LPT port of PC and MACH2 software.
Electrical spindle is a popular KRESS with 1000W power.
More information at: https://www.elektroda.pl/rtvforum/topic1567796.html

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