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faulty double switch circuit

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Feb 7, 2006
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I just recently replaced a light bulb in the hallway which has the switch downstairs and one upstairs. I replaced it with a energy saving spiral bulb. We noticed shortly after that even when the light is off, the bulb will flash every couple of minutes. Then this bulb burned out after less then a month. Is it just the light bulb or is it the switch that is faulty? I don't want to have a fire if there is a problem with the wiring.

sounds like you have a switched neutral and not a switched live

make shure the supply is switched live
easy to check using a neon screwdriver

take the bulbs out and take the switches off the wall or just one of them

then test to see the switched supply lights the neon

if it dosnt you have a problem with switched neutral ....

to confirm this test just go to the bulb socket with the switches turned off
and test the poles inside with the neon driver one will light
all the time and wont be switched on and off

the flashing is coupling over the switch to neurtral or to wetness or basicaly just the weather

as the neutral is basicaly just earth { its earthed at the power station}

if this isnt the case
you maybe have a dampness or other water somewhere

but im shure it will be

the energy saving bulbs strike at a low voltage level
unlike light bulbs

and will flash every so often due to capacitance
if live is already there {leekage to earth or neurtal }

OR there is a nail thru your cable somewhere this could also cause it
but its unlikely i plump for switched neutral
AND an amount of seasonal dampness {winter rain's}

as for fire risk

its more likely if there is a fire youll
be electrocuted instead by a live wire falling out the celing !!!!

that cant be switched off by the switches

i hope i helped :D

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