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Extracting power nets only from layout

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Jan 22, 2009
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In the past I used to use a tool that would take a LVS clean layout create a view showing only the metal layers attached to a supply pin. This was very handing to make sure there was not any blocks relying on minimum sized wire for their supply leading to IR drops and electromigration issues.
I can't for the life of me remember how we done it though, I am using Virtuoso XL and have both Assura and Calibre extraction, does anyone else know how to do this?


You could go to the extracted view and highlight the net.

In some kits (I have seen this especially in power ASIC
technologies where numerous supply rails and partitions
are expected) there may be multiple metal layers where
some are allocated to power (e.g. you have Met1, VSS_Met1,
VDD_Met1, HV_Met1) and thay are "booleaned" together
at mask fab; the advantage is, you can easily highlight
anytime and you can use DRCs to find power shorts (provided
you stuck to the plan). This latter can be difficult if your
LVS doesn't have a good "shorts and opens" tool or its
heuristics are lame.

Cheers Dick, put together a rules file to use during extraction that will produce a layout with only a certain net.
Use a rule script to see the distribute of a certain net, such as power or ground, is a quick way, but may sometime still have error due to oversight.
Maybe use a power simulation software to simulate the volt drop and EM is more accurate.

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