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error when trying to install DesignSoft 10 free tina

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Dec 20, 2011
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Porto Alegre / Brasil
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It is the message when trying to install DesignSoft 10 free program. I know it must be some application that is missing in windows 7. error.png

Good question... Here's mine: There is a jar in the shop window. It has beans in it. How much does it weigh? ;)

Maybe it isn't compatible with Windows 7, even though it should be ( - it says Vista, Service Pack 0 {What's "0" here?}). Is your computer up-to-date with all the updates and service packs?

PVendor is something that appears in "properties" for devices in the device manager, if you look in the different tabs in that window you'll find a huge list of mysterious terms, it shows who sells/makes a device, and a lot of other things, people use it and possibly PApp to figure out what's in their computer when they are looking for drivers for devices they don't know; I am not sure what the others are in your error window. Not sure why they appear blank.

I had a DVD for a cheap "robot arm" that my computer refused to install, it said something or other about the certificate being invalid and refused to give permission (I thought I was the boss where decisions were concerned - the robots really are taking over...!), but I came to the conclusion it was because the installation version was incompatible with W7, even if Vista and 7 things are usually compatible. Not a happy shopper that day.

Did the download appear to work correctly? Are all your drivers up-to-date? I'd contact the provider of the software and see if they can offer a solution, they may have had similar requests already and understand why it happened. Good luck.
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If you know how to do it, check you have the Service Pack(s) installed, and important updates you may have missed as some updates are vital to install other programs or drivers like graphics and sound drivers.

Also, with Control Panel > Device Manager, check to see if anything in there (expand each section) has the yellow warning triangle with the exclamation mark, which basically means a driver is missing. if so, your computer manufacturer's website or that of any card you may have installed if it's a desktop PC will have drivers to download in the support section for your model. Maybe you have a DVD/CD that came with the computer that has all the drivers on it.
I find drivers hard to find sometimes as some have obscure names, if you find it hard there are programs that look for drivers for you (no idea how effective they are), but it doesn't hurt to try yourself first, if you think that could be the cause of the installation problem for that program.

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