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ERROR : disconnect and reset target TMS320C6711

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Nov 29, 2004
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hi all,
a repeated error message i get while i try to observe the frequency spectrum of a bandpass fiter which can be seen from the attachment. i generating a single frequency with the help of tone generating software and appyling to the input of the DSK TMS320C6711 and getting the output from out line and connecting it to the pc mic in line port. so i m able to see the response in the spectrum of the mic in line. everything is fine. but everytime i m trying to observe the frequency spectrum of the filter thru the graph utility of the code composer studio then i have to face an error message saying disconnect and reset the kit.
any solution to this problem or why this problem is there?

//Firbuf.c FIR filter with output in buffer plotted with CCS

#include "bp41.cof" //BP @ 1 kHz coefficient file

int yn = 0; //initialize filter's output
short dly[N]; //delay samples
short buffercount = 0; //init buffer count
const short bufferlength = 1024; //buffer size
short yn_buffer[1024]; //output buffer

interrupt void c_int11() //ISR
short i;

dly[0] = input_sample(); //newest input @ top of buffer
yn = 0; //initialize filter's output
for (i = 0; i< N; i++)
yn +=(h*dly) >> 15; //y(n)+=h(i)*x(n-i)
for (i = N-1; i > 0; i--) //start @ bottom of buffer
dly = dly[i-1]; //data move to update delays

output_sample(yn); //output filter

yn_buffer[buffercount] = yn; //filter's output into buffer
buffercount++; //increment buffer count
if(buffercount==bufferlength) //if buffer count = size
buffercount = 0; //reinitialize buffer count
return; //return from interrupt

void main()
comm_intr(); //init DSK, codec, McBSP
while(1); //infinite loop

Error : Trouble Halting Target CPU:
Error 0x80000020/-1070
Fatal Error during: Execution,
An unknown error prevented the emulator from accessing the processor
in a timely fashion.
It is recommended to RESET EMULATOR. This will disconnect each
target from the emulator. The targets should then be power cycled
or hard reset followed by an emureset and reconnect to each target.

Sequence ID: 15
Error Code: -1070
Error Class: 0x80000020

thanks and regards

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