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epson cartridge chip reset?

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Apr 2, 2002
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epson cartridge chip reset

a month ago a buy a printer made by epson model came with a good price and ofcourse with an easter egg.the cartrige is hardware protected by a csic chip(i think).so you can`t refill it because when is "empty" the hard of the printer doesn`t alow you to put it back because if the chip is not resetted the printer see it like an ampty one.

so my question is how can i reset it?any hints?

ps.the swap mettod is useles in this case and the css software as well

reset epson cartridge chip

I successfully reset the counter on the cartridge no to38 for the cs41sx printer. To make the contact for the chip is very painfull.

you can get more details from **broken link removed**

if you can get third party cartridge like jet*tec
it is using an at*mel ATtin*y12 for the counting.

hope you can start from here atleast.

how to reset cartridge chip

Have you seen this:
**broken link removed**


epson cartridge reset software

just found
the color cartridge is ok the black is a moron and didn`t respond at all.loks like i need a new one and use the swap method.

the pins for stylus c 42 were the same as those listed at eddie site?(for those who build the at*mel )

cartridge chip resetter

here is a nice discussion in polish with several attachments to test :D
**broken link removed**

epson chip resetter schematic

all garbage.just links to sites who SELL programers or refill kits.the beste still remains the one posted above :D or maybe we should buy insted of building?

epson chip resetter circuit

Dear friends

I have done a linux version of Eddie's Inkchip hacking program
I have not tested on different cartridges.


epson chip resetter schematics

well done....but is it working?
anyway keep up the good work

epson chip resetter

its working on to38 and 39 cartridges
I am not able to get other carts to test
if you refer Eddie's site you can get some more type of cart details.

epson cartridge chip resetter software

some tips for the builder and tester
the software at edie site is good but not for me.anyway he was the guy who strated all and all the credits go to him.
for my model i use the interface from the rusian site,the transistor is an usual npn bc 547.go to **broken link removed** and download the software and now the hint.if you use the schematic with transistor the signal is inverted and you shoud check the int 13 in tjhe cartrige tools sowtware option.if you use the old version with a resistor the int 13 option should be unchecked.
the version with the resistor is a bit trickie.on some computers the resistor should be downed to 60-100 ohm to get signals.
the conector can be made from an female rj 45 recovered from an old isa network card.the biggest problem is making the socket :D

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