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electronic timer circuit

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May 14, 2011
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I have thought to make an electronic timer circuit for the irrgation.their are some companies like orbit those who have alreay but ihowever i want to make new one
can some body give me the data how to make lcd timer

Use a micro like the MSP430 to generate the LCD drive signals (see document). Implement the timer code using one of the hardware timers and some software. The hard part will be driving the solenoid valve to open/close the water valve.

It is much easier to help you , if you let us know which are the "preliminary desing parameters"
( your requirements and needed functions )for device you are thinking

Here are the Orbit models ,
can you tell us what are your needs for device you are designing
how to input time data , how to input controlled outputs
how long time period you need in program
whatkind of control output signals you need ,
is there any measuring inputs. ( temperature, moisture etc. )
Do you need alarms (local , phone,, ).
How about datalogging ??
is there battery backup, what is the main power source.
Other needs..........

**broken link removed**

How to video.........

**broken link removed**

[ ie you can write " i will build device like here in www-site XXXXXXXXX and like
model YYYYYY." ]

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thanks for the atleast replies i have been posted in other forums but their they didnot replied never.
anyway my requirements are few types however first i want a simple method for cheap.I have never seen orbit timer except on internet and orbit has several models.
The one i am requesting is just a simple one.It can control by directly human.
I will use solenoid valve seprately rather than making all in one.
power source will be battery but in future it will be solar.{ps i need now only simple so it will be an ordinary batteries }
I dont know meaning of orbit 6 stations and 12 stations
however as for me i want the timer should connect to the solenoid valve atleast 10 times in a day`
presently their are no requirements for this but my plan is to build a system which can be operated through PC or mobile even through internet.but now i dont need since i want to test how this works.
i will post a sample picture of a simple timer and i may think they have some details.ill find and paste here however if you still have questions let me know.

Thanks, now we know your plans

First game to my mind this.........................................

Build the "7-uP" Alarm/Time-Switch

...with 7-day 4-event alarm schedule,
versatile alarm options, alarm logic output,
4-channel time-switch with 7-day on/off schedule,
USB link to PC for setting up and programming,
and a host of other advanced features.

A DIY project for electronics hobbyists...


Parts Lists, Assembly Instructions
User Guide, PCB files, Artwork files, etc.

incl. source code & Windows USB driver

Looks like you can download all for free

**broken link removed**

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thanks kak111
I have seen all those thngs inside the folder but while comming to pcb i recently struggled for getting a pcb
so far here so many charging high rates only like around $20.I could not spend for every project.I have seen diy in several sites and it looks easy. i did screen printing in the past but never tried this pcb
any help will be appreciated in this.

I've been using a company called Gold Phoenix PCB. The price per PCB is fairly low and includes shipping but they have a minimum charge of $100 which buys you 650 sq cm of boards -- you can put multiple designs on this area for an additional charge of $30 and you'll need to do the panelization. They'll separate the boards if there are less than six designs. They can also apply a 'v' score for larger numbers of projects provided all boards are square and the same same. These are doubled-sided, silk-screened and solder-masked professional-quality PCBs.

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