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Electronic protection spray

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Jul 5, 2011
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Hello and good day to everyone. I am new since today and ask for a little help. The problem is that i dont know the english word for what i search. In German it has a name like "second skin" some kind of spray to protect electronic circuits. I am here in the dominican republic, and need a lot of this spray. It should make a really skin over electronic parts. There are some I found in Germany, but its not usefull for me since they dont ship to D.R. Can somebody please tell me the english name of the spray and maybe where i can find it. Thanks for helping

thx keith, this is exactly what i am searching for, do you know a discount market where I can order this product online? but should be in US when possible

What brands of spray paint/lacquer can you get? Is Krylon available? Some people use Krylon clear. I believe most conformal coatings -- at least the one I use from M.G. Chemicals -- are an acrylic lacquer or very similar to that. That is, they cure by solvent evaporation, not a chemical reaction as with enamels. Probably almost any clear coating will work in a pinch. The lacquers have an advantage of fast drying and ease of removal, should that be necessary.

thx again keith, i tried to google it and found a company in US, wrote them, but until now no answer. will try out your two links right now. have a nice day

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sorry john, didn see your post. THX to you also. Ok i want to protect circuits against humantity and salty air here in the D.R. Will need very much of this stuff, so it should be cheap. will check out your advice too. Greetings from the caribbean

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